Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entry#1 : Charlottes Web 1-16 by Rainclaw!

Written response on the themes of Charlotte's Web
         After reading chapters 1-16 of Charlotte's Web its been shown to me that the "big idea"/ theme of Charlotte Web is, (or 1 of them is) maternal, friendship, and family issues. 
         On page 61 a lamb insults Wilbur by telling him he smells; I found this highly aggravating and unlikeable, because of this i wrote "FUDGE OFF YOU STUPID LAMB!" I noticed how quickly Charlotte jumped to his (Wilbur's) defense and told the lamb off sharply and firmly. (I preferably would have done the opposite and screamed a couple of sharp remarks,but the lamb would have probably laughed right back at me.)   These are adjectives for maternal affections.
         Page  6 it shows Fern bottle feeding Wilbur as a runt (Piglet) , it sort of looks like she's holding a real baby and the way she holds  the bottle is extremely accurate! This proves that no matter what the age a girl will always have a maternal side/conscious.
         The next page it says "Fern, what is the capital of Pennsylvania?'
                                  "Wilbur" <3 Fern <3        This takes place in Ferns school. Even in one little sentence the motherly side leaks through. Wilbur is and will probably always be the gem of Ferns eyes. ('Til she has a family and children of her own of course!) 
         The family theme that I'm going to use has the Arables as an example. When Fern is talking about her friends, (aka all the animals excluding ones really his friend.) at the barn Ms.Arable worries who she's talking about because there are only animals on the farm! (In Ms.Arable's and our reality animals don't  talk so, there obviously is something that is gonna worry her.)
        Because she cares so much (Ferns Mother) she goes to the family docter (whom knows Fern very well) and asks him for advice on how to stop her beautiful daughter from acting so strange!
And the Doctor replies "Does she know any boys?"
    That shows that Fern's mother is very incorporated with Ferns social life! Yet, Fern does not even rrealize that her moms got her back because she doesn't really want a normal social life she want s a irregular relationship with the farm animals who also (I believe) count as her family.
        In conclusion I believe that these three themes are are extremely big ideas and important issues that make up what is known chapters 1-16  of Charlotte's Web. 

That concludes my response to the themes of Charlotte's Web.  Thanks for reading,


  1. I love how you infer certain things from the text. And also how you give a mean or nice response to sentences no matter the feeling

  2. Emma, even if I didn't know you, through your writing I can tell you have very strong opinions- which is a good thing. I would have never pointed to the lamb to that steriotypical bully. As someone pointed out in my class, the lamb is just showing Wilbur how people are in the real world.

  3. Emma! nice to see a bit of you through your writing! Your writing is really interesting and strong with detailed opnions from head to toe. I like how you elbaorated on the three themes you thought were the most important