Monday, November 22, 2010

Research assignment #2

“Body image can be a major self-concern” article reflection

This article made me think about  how society and fashion magazines have collaborated intentionally or unintentionally to transmit the message that thin is the ideal for everyone but, its not; Weight does matter but some people will never be thin because of genetics.
When I read that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had started a diet with their daughters i found myself thinking, i really wish my parents also cared for me as much as to make sure that everyday i was eating healthy; considering my case.
I honestly don’t really care that they called their daughter “Chubby” i mean they meant it in a joking way and the girls shouldn’t take it to heart.
But, people do have the right to feel a bit insulted if they weigh like three pounds more than Michelle Obama's daughter and are already classified as chubby, but eventually everyone should be wary of their weight.
            The words that other peoples families used to describe a certain female in their group were just rude, i especially didn’t like the comment about the three year old being called “Fat, Black, and Ugly”, how considerate is that to other people who are also, black and “fat”? It’s rude and disrespectful.
Other than that i totally support the article and its views on how Body Image can be a major self esteem concern because i also, have a major concern for my body image. I feel like in school, theres alot of skinny people and i view them all as smarter people than me; Basically you could say to me fat equals dumb and smart equals fit and thin(Unless i know them already.) . So theres this idea in my head that the skinner i get, the smarter i’ll be. But it’s really hard to lose weight and i speak for the people who don’t really get out much because they have to much to do inside. My self esteem can be put out really quickly and the idea of weight also puts me out, but in general alot of people are like this and i want to tell them that:
Your weight does matter but, you have to be careful;  your hands don’t control where you put the food, you do.
 I learned this from one of my friends form camp who helped me out when i started crying amount how another girl had called me “Humungoes”. (I love you Rachel!)
I hope that everyone who doubts their weight has someone like her to tell them that they need to snap out of it and take control.
This is my overview of the first 2 pages of the “Girls speak out” part of the article.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SIRS Knowledge Source: Research Results

Gay Marriage- Big Deal or HUMONGOUS push over? SSIRS Knowledge Source: Search Results
The idea that gays should not be allowed to marry someone they love is preposterous. People, no matter what gender they love, should be able to marry one and other and be allowed to live their own lives.
What difference does it make in society anyway? Because even now they show their affection to one another in public, so why would it matter if they were married? Are people worried that our future generations will be completely gay? Because that is also ridiculous, HELLO PEOPLE HORMONES! We still have our good old fashion brain/reproductive system to help our species to continue "living" ;), so again if they get married and have kids SO WHAT?
Everyone can and should be entitled to their rights because otherwise it's just not fair; think about  what its like to stick out like a sore thumb when you go up after Mass (Church ,Temple, any religion {Meetings on a sacred day of the week}.) And, ask  the Priest if he'd be willing enough to marry you and your fiance who is by the way a guy! Imagine the churlish and stiff behavior he'd show! Its bad enough people make rude comments about them behind their backs and  show without humiliation the laggard behavior our government has  by not making this a more serious issue.
Being here and living in America i know we're less strict on Gay people but, living here sort of disgusts me...I mean history repeats itself over and over and over again with discrimination and segregation against an ethnicity or race or belief  and it just never stops! First Native Americans, then Black, then Immigrants, and now Gays; Will this madness ever stop?
I ask you now to think of you're views on gay and judge them fairly; Are we really  all that different?
Thanks fro reading and please consider,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah's Key chapters 1-13 By: Tatiana De Rosnay

I enjoy reading the book Sarah's Key because it really reminds me about where part of my nationalities  come from.
In this book there are two characters Julia Jarmood a(n) American journalist, and Sarah a young girl at the simple age of ten who lives in Paris at the time of 1942.
Here is some information about the two characters:
Sarah is a girl  who lives with her parents and little brother in France,Paris and one day is taken by the french police to the Nazis. But, before doing locks her little brother in a small cupboard called their "Secret Place" and vows to return to free him. The question is how?
Julia Jarmond is an American journalists who developed a fine taste for Paris at a young age and always dreamed about marrying a french man, and eventually did. (His name is Bertnard) She lives with her daughter Zoe and her materialistic husband.
The first part of the story is Julia Jarmond is assigned to study "Vel' d'Hiv'" (A famous Nazi related attack.) And Sarah a girl who lived in the moment of the attack come together into one big MUSH of one of Frances biggest humiliations. The background of this is linked here if you'd like to know more:'_d'Hiv_Roundup or
anyway Julia is so far leading a chase over french and going over her husbands distant past as well as lineage and being so haunted by it all that she might tear her family apart, just to get away from her nightmares. 
That's what Julia is up too as for Sarah well I'll just have to go read to find out!
Til Next Time,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My extra song post :)

To the Rhythm of  "Waka Waka" by Shakira
There's always a difference 
Between two people 
Dont ever stop perk yourself up 
And back into Action
He's waiting for you
And he means it 
Hurry up run faster now man
He won't wait forever 
They're watching you they mean it
The Hate, Their eyes
It's demeaning 
And when They stare look back oh oh 
And if they punch, punch back eh eh 
*Go Lesbian,Gay, Bisexuals 
CAUSE THIS IS AMERICA (Say this first time only)
(Chrous to Waka Waka------------------I Just love it to much to change it.-But when you come to the Tsmina part go back to the star.)
Please no more suicide (Second end to Chorus) 
Listen to justice
Thats our answer 
Our time to care
Hands in the air together 
And freedom for always
It is our choice 
No more Questions
Go on and beat 'em 
This is your moment 
No  separation
Today's the day 
Believe it
Just hold on tight 
We're leaving
If they fall down get up oh oh 
They  beat him GET up eh eh 
**Go Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals



Social Awareness assignment #4

One day I sat down in the park with my notebook and just started drawing the things that I saw, a couple kissing on the park bench, joggers taking a short water break, and little kids jumping through the autumn leaves without a care in the world.
And then, I notice this one other couple in the park; they’re not being kissy or cuddly  like other couples just holding hands the two of them, man and man. I found this such a change because (I’m 10 in this story) I always read books where the man falls in love with the girl not the boy. Studying how they walked and moved throughout the meadow was very confusing, they looked as though they’d had no place they’d rather than with each other, but they walked stiffly and gingerly as though the ground would open up between them any second.
I now realize why this is so. People can be narrow minded and sometimes forget when their staring or glaring or whatever at other persons.
This couple that I had been observing was being watched by several parents with young children, their faces set in astonishment because (or I think because) they were astounded that the gay couple had the nerve to show their emotions in public, and that they were “confessing their attraction” by their children. (In the end they took their children and left, when the gay couple asked them to stop staring.)
There were also some guy joggers (who as you know are notorious for wearing those tight little suits when they jog.) who would NOT stop cracking gay jokes.  And it was just soooooooooo disrespectful I felt like I wanted to punch them; One man from the couple started blushing when his partner went up to the joggers and started … well I’ll say “speaking his mind” to the tight suited men. (By then my mom called and told me to come home.)  And after that the 1st man from the couple started saying “Come on Peter lets just go home.” But Peter was very caught up and did not notice when other people started asking them to leave the area. In the end they left, just walked away same as before except Peters hand was wrapped firmly around Guy#1’s waist.
I hope that we all wonder one day, “I wonder what would have happened if that were me,” or “I wonder what would happen if I was LGBT?”

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review of Katy Perry's "Ur so gay" song

I find that "Ur  so gay" by Katy Perry was a really discriminating song to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people, while listening to the song the object of focus was not clear i wasn't sure whether she was mocking them or just joking (even so it still wasn't right that she wrote the song in the first place because it's really just rude.)
I don't think or believe that Katy Perry meant it in anyway to be mean towards gay when the video was created and I'm not quite sure why she used barbie dolls to represent her and (So i believe) her boyfriend but, the most OFFENSIVE thing that she said in the song is "No you don't even like, no you don't even likeeee PENIS." (sorry it's inappropriate) So I'm not even sure why she added that  part, but in the video it shows a barbie doll with a crotch whereas in reality all barbies' have nothing but an underwear etched on to their "skin".
I don't understand it and i really do like Katy Perry's music know what that's just not cool.

Thanks for reading and hopefully caring,
hehehehee :)

Social Awareness poem.... :) GO LGBT

                          Their  Life
Living in denial.
In fear they’ll find you cowered in the shadows.
Finding no hopes not even in dreams.
Ending up dead, in pain for yourself, for them, you don’t want to live anymore.

All this harassment is just cruel and mean to LGBT people and some have even resorted to suicide to avoid getting bullied any longer. IS this the kind of world you us to grow up in? A world full of hate and fear because people love someone of the same gender? Or is it because they think differently than we do? Do WE make fun of them because we’re afraid? Afraid of more change?