Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Tale of  Gwendolen  Tulip
In a garden in France, there once was a little tulip named Gwendolen. She was one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden; she had long  curved petals that were tipped with the lightest pink and, had the greenest stem.
            But the most beautiful part of her that every other flower was jealous of were her gorgeous pale yellow petals, and because of that, she was teased.
All the other flowers wanted that color for themselves! They tried very hard to sprout as beautifully as she did; and then there was a group called “The Daffodils” it was made up of three mean daffodils named Ramona, Chantal, and Janet; the Daffodils watched her everyday and, everyday they tried to fan out their leaves as she did but it was no use.  So, ‘cause they couldn’t do it they took it out on the poor little flower.  They told her “Who wants that ugly color of yellow anyway. It’s the same color as the garbage that the humans throw away!” And then they’d laugh and laugh and laugh until Gwendolen, as beautiful as she was, would curl up and start to cry.
The next day ,Gwendolen decided it would be better to be friends with the Daffodils than have them make fun of her everyday, so she twisted her green stem out as looong as she could and spoke to the Daffodils in a quiet melodic voice, “Hello, I’m Gwendolen. What are  your names?”
The daffodils were so surprised, because Gwendolen had never spoken to them before! And her voice is so lovely! Thought the Daffodils.
They said to one another, “Lets pretend she’s not there and ignore her. That way, she’ll have no friends! People without friends are never as beautiful as they seem.”
The Daffodils continued to sun themselves and play with each other’s leaves pretending to have fun so to make fun of poor little Gwendolen. Seeing that she was not going to get an answer, Gwendolen twisted her stem all the way back down to her little pile of dirt. “Why won’t they play with me? Do they think I’m ugly?” she thought to herself. That night she curled up and went back to sleep, all alone and sad.
While Gwendolen was asleep she dreamed that she was the same color as the Daffodils, and playing with the other flowers in the garden. She was no longer any different!
Oh, how she wished it would come true!  But, as usual the next moring she woke up and saw again that she had the same color of yellow petals with the pink tips at the top and that humiliatingly green stem on the bottom; Gwedonlen was so sad she began to wilt.  “What else can I do?” She thought, “They’re still mean to me anyway, i wish i could be like them.”
The Daffodils saw this and whispered amongst themselves “What do we do we’ve upset her” Mumbled Chantal
“I guess thats a good thing,” Scoffed Janet
“Yes but, then again-” “We don’t want her to wilt! If she wilts we can longer admire her beauty or have someone to tease! What do we do?” They exclaimed in silent unison.
While they discussed what they were going to do, Gwendolen sunned herself and streched her petals but, when she reached out she noticed she had just felt something. She had never seen anything there before, so she twisted herself around to see what was there.
There, right next to her was a flower just like her. A flower with the same green stem and the same pink tipped petals with the yellow outside! Oh, she’d never been so happy in her life. Gwendolen’s leaves freshened themselves, her bud opened up as widely as it could ,and her colors got bright and radiated a pink hue.  She turned to the new flower and said “BIENVENUE à Jarden de la Lourve, Welcocme to the garden of the Lourve! My name is Gwendolen and it’s very nice to  meet you!”
“Why thank you,” replied the other flower “My name is Foy, its a pleasure to meet you Gwendolen, I’m sure you, Anne,and I will be great friends.”
“Yes, Hello! My name is Anne I’m right behind you actually! You’re so beautiful! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”
“Hello, and Thank you! It’s nice to have two friends, now we can play in the sun together.” Gushed Gwendolen.
“Yes, it’ll be amazing I can’t wait to spend the rest of spring with you two!” exclaimed Foy. Gwendolen was very happy but, that didn’t last long.
 “OH LOOK!” Sneered Chantal“It’s a WHOLE group of uglies.”
“Yea!” Agreed Janet
“I wonder if they keep getting uglier as the spring comes?” Hollered Ramona.
“We’ll just have to see, but I don’t think that’s possible, considering how UGLY they are!” And then all the daffodils started to laugh and laugh as they had done before with Gwendolen.
But Gwendolen had, had enough. “OH, BE QUIET YOU RUDE WEEDS!” The Daffodils stopped laughing and turned their buds, “All you flowers have done is make fun of me since the day I sprouted! You ought to be ashamed making a flower feel so bad that they wanted to wilt! Then, as soon as other flowers like me pop up you start being rude AGAIN!  I’m sick and tired of having to fall asleep crying! SO, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY IT AT ALL!” Finished the raging Gwendolen and then she turned her back on the flowers and continued  to  sun bathe with her new friends who had each congratulated her on her bravery.
The Daffodils were shocked, never had they been insulted like this before and they realized that is  what it was like to have your feelings hurt. Now, not only did they feel sorry that they had teased Gwendolen, but they also felt ashamed as well!
The Daffodils thought it was now the right time to apologize to Gwendolen and her friends for all themean things they had said to them.
“Umm…excuse me Madme Gwendolen.” The Daffodils had never actually spoken to her directly before “We wanted to say…We’re sorry for all the mean  things we said to you, we were just so jealous of your beautiful petals.  We … we wanted them all for ourselves, and we just want to say we think you’re beautiful.” Their bright yellow petals turned a deep  orange.
Gwendolen twisted herself up to the Daffodils level and looked at them, then she stroked each of their leaves, and this time in a confident voice said, “That is alright I always thought you all were beautiful, I wanted to be just like you!”
The Daffodils gasped “REALLY?”
“Of course, but I  forgive you, you were jealous; so please, s’il vous plait come and sun with us down here.”
Then they faned each other and dappled in the sunlight for the rest of the day, and they didn’t even think about the color or beauty of one another again, because they knew in their “hearts” that they were all the same.

                        The End!!!