Sunday, December 12, 2010

Authors Note

This story is based on some troubles that just happened to cross my path years ago when i was little. (Though through different circumstances.)
Body Image is on of the bigger issues in the world; it falls in the categories of obesity (which right now IS a very important issue), and bullying. People who bully other persons because of their shape,ethnicity,or relationship beliefs are usually insecure about themselves and/or have a reason to believe that those kinds of people are aliens who need to be punished for their involuntary choices.
I feel as though for kids this is one of the easier ways to show that bullying it isn't the right way to solve problems if you feel intimidated by another kid in your class because their prettier or uglier or fatter or smarter than you. 
Showing them in smaller ways that being different from someone isn't wrong but, possibly an improvement can really effect them for the future. If the world continues to separate itself for changes that people have made to fit their personalities i believe that eventually it won't be global warming or politics tearing us apart.
Helping people in small ways all around the world whether its bullying, poverty, or health issues makes a difference. 

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