Monday, May 23, 2011

Prompt # 16

As you handed her to me I was lost for words, her warm white and gray fur pressed against my cheek and her soft sleek noise rubbing itself against my face.
I giggled as it left a cool, wet mark.
I held her closer and whispered "I love you." into her little furry ears.
You laughed as I held her above my head and twirled around the room, I matched my voice to hers as we purred  simultaneously. The "R" 's running up and down my throat. "I love you kitty"
I held her like a baby and scratched behind her ears, i kissed her light pink pads.

My lilac dress fluttered aimlessly around my waist, as my treasure and i shared our special dance
Her small  warm body left an imprint on my dress, where my petite pink ribbon had once been were small claw marks that had teared it away.

I pried the strips of fabric away from her mouth and she closed her tiny teeth around my finger. My eyes teared up but, i kept pulling the string.
She was not going to be in danger of choking.
No, no danger allowed near her.
"I love you Coco" My sweet little kitten

Walking down 4th street I open the door to my dads office, I can already hear her paws scrabbling up the stairs. She rubs her plump body against my legs and begins to purr.
I rub my hand along her back, she mews and bats my face with her tail.
She runs down the stairs in front of me and leaps on my foot as I touch the last step.

She's getting ready to take care of her own children now, hopefully she'll mature faster than i will, i don't think I'm quite ready to hang up my little lilac dress...
Just Yet. 

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