Monday, November 22, 2010

Research assignment #2

“Body image can be a major self-concern” article reflection

This article made me think about  how society and fashion magazines have collaborated intentionally or unintentionally to transmit the message that thin is the ideal for everyone but, its not; Weight does matter but some people will never be thin because of genetics.
When I read that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had started a diet with their daughters i found myself thinking, i really wish my parents also cared for me as much as to make sure that everyday i was eating healthy; considering my case.
I honestly don’t really care that they called their daughter “Chubby” i mean they meant it in a joking way and the girls shouldn’t take it to heart.
But, people do have the right to feel a bit insulted if they weigh like three pounds more than Michelle Obama's daughter and are already classified as chubby, but eventually everyone should be wary of their weight.
            The words that other peoples families used to describe a certain female in their group were just rude, i especially didn’t like the comment about the three year old being called “Fat, Black, and Ugly”, how considerate is that to other people who are also, black and “fat”? It’s rude and disrespectful.
Other than that i totally support the article and its views on how Body Image can be a major self esteem concern because i also, have a major concern for my body image. I feel like in school, theres alot of skinny people and i view them all as smarter people than me; Basically you could say to me fat equals dumb and smart equals fit and thin(Unless i know them already.) . So theres this idea in my head that the skinner i get, the smarter i’ll be. But it’s really hard to lose weight and i speak for the people who don’t really get out much because they have to much to do inside. My self esteem can be put out really quickly and the idea of weight also puts me out, but in general alot of people are like this and i want to tell them that:
Your weight does matter but, you have to be careful;  your hands don’t control where you put the food, you do.
 I learned this from one of my friends form camp who helped me out when i started crying amount how another girl had called me “Humungoes”. (I love you Rachel!)
I hope that everyone who doubts their weight has someone like her to tell them that they need to snap out of it and take control.
This is my overview of the first 2 pages of the “Girls speak out” part of the article.


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