Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Bridge to Terabithia   October 13,2010
         Bridge to Terabithia printed in 1977 by Katherine Paterson
After reading Bridge to Terabethia for the second time I looked up some reviews by other people who had enjoyed/ read the book and compared my opinion to theirs, and through it, it seems as though people thought that the book was going to be a messy, mushy, young children’s romance. (Cause that’s what I thought by looking at the cover.)
            But what I really appreciate is that the book was never what it actually was played up be. Bridge to Terabithia shows that no matter what there might always still be a twist to the story so don’t give up! This is can be shown when Janice Avery is being a total jerk to Leslie (One of the main characters in the book.) on the bus, and later on even after Jesse and Leslie’s revenge (Because she publicly embarrassed Jesse.) Janice and Leslie still had a chance at friendship, after Leslie proved to her what friendship really is, by talking to her about what’s happening at home and things that were on Janice’s mind.
            Another thing I noticed people talked about on was understanding and hope; well these things are obviously important in our current situation with the government and economy so we all know what it feels like to be able to believe in something that we want to come true.
            Like for Leslie and Jesse to believe that Terabithia exists; we hope that one-day and one day soon the economy will clear itself up.
For Understanding we all have to understand the current situation that other people are in, like poverty or homelessness. Leslie has to understand what its like for Jesse and his family because his father lost his job, and she doesn’t know what that’s like because both her parents were employed. 
One more thing I appreciated about this book is its natural calmness and the idea that all kids no matter what age have imagination.
If Leslie and Jesse are allowed to imagine Terabithia then anyone no matter what the age is and can be allowed to imagine whatever they like. 
I  appreciate this because  NOBODY EVER TAKES THIS TO THEIR ADVANTAGE! Whenever someone I know is having a bad day I know I can’t always say to them “Go to your HAPPY PLACE.” Because they don’t have one they’ve never taken the liberty to imagine them, themselves. So I appreciate it because it really makes your mind work to picture Terabithia.
This issue was also brought up on the website of :
This is what I appreciated about and after reading the book bridge to teribithia.


  1. I like how you used your opinion and have a strong voice in your entry.. :0

  2. great to see you expressing your thoughts, I think the title could have been better .

  3. I liked how you mentioned a lot of different themes in your piece.