Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridge to Mine, Yours, and their Childhood

Bridge to Mine, Yours, and Their Childhood.

      "Your girlfriends dead and Mama thought you was dead too."-Katherine Paterson.
                    I really appreciate Bridge to Terabithia because it shows how childhood is very important. Leslie Burke one of the most fascinating characters (in all the books I've read yet) died when she tried to cross a stream using a swinging rope she and Jess used to cross over to the secret magical place in the woods, a place they call Terabithia.
 She, Leslie seem to be ahead of everyone else no matter what the case and I admired her character for that, because she was is so conscious about how other people’s feelings and even though she is obviously from a wealthy family she did not think twice about making friends with the poor country boy Jess. She made herself a part of the school and inserted herself into a “boys” only activity because she was good at that activity.
Although she was sad about how the other kids saw her she did not let that stop her from making friends with whomever she want to. I makes me wonder what might have happened if the author made her a part of another kind of family. Would she still want to be friends with Jess, would her attitude about life been the same?  I have to admit her death was a complete shock. I would've thought that the author would have had some sort of sweet childhood romance started between them (Jesse and Leslie). But, it makes a lot of sense that she would end the best and most important wonderful, amazing, day of Jesses’ life with the saddest thing that could possibly ever happen to him. It really helps the reader think about how to make writing interesting.
                Without a doubt death is one of the things that make Bridge to Terabithia, so heart wrenching. In fact, all the characters are innocent and the behavior shows the characteristics of children, 10 and under. The events make them seem even older with all the ordeals they're going through. It’s really sad to see that people who are the most clue-less and lovable always end up the wiser, harmed and/or more disturbed in the end.
Jess is completely affected by Leslie death and I did not think the author would allow his character to come thorough it the way she did. She allowed a kinder Jess to do a number of things such as introducing his sister as the new queen of Terabithia. What I enjoyed, and what I think is good about that is, it shows the reader what it’s actually like to experience death through Jesses’ behavior after he heard about his friend.
 You could go crazy with sadness when death happens (I would know because someone who I care about recently died) and you just don't know what to feel anymore you're like an empty shell, almost as if there is no one living inside your body. In this book the author doesn't just say, "Oh, your friend died and hour ago." That would have made me devastated, angry even.  UGH,  I hate when authors just skip all the details and emotions over! It leaves you feeling like "Huh? What just happened?" And it doesn't allow the reader to grieve.
Here's in the details is where I think Jesse also feels like I do sad, shocked and unable to go on. For me, to read more was painful.  I imagine if this story was true, it would be like being a prisoner of war (P.O.W) he wants to get out of the prison but there's someone/something that is holding you down and that something Leslie amazing spirit.
Another thing that I really like about this book is that it lets you explore with your feelings and imagination. In our lives when we dream we're using our imagination so that means it can never really go away. Imagination can never die within you unless you let it.  I like this book because it really makes you imagine and think things through. I love that sometimes it reminds adults of what it’s like to "go back to" their childhood and re-experience the adolescent feeling of their younger self and their old imaginary friends if they had any. In conclusion what I really enjoyed and appreciated about this book was that it always will (hopefully) forever remind people of what it was like to be a young girl or boy over and over again and that feeling will also remind of safety and love.

This is the book that I read.

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