Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Views on Social Awareness through Media/News Immersion

      Some injustices and general social problems that are covered in articles on/in the Newspaper, News-TV, and Videos online from the last five days are from:
(A)  The toll taxes on Buses and Subways by the M.T.A to allow it to build up its budget in taxes so it can pay its debt.
Also people being stopped by police men with out a cause, and the police seem to
have  forgotten about the legal warrant forms and notions that they are obliged to show drivers.

Some stories that I’ve recently heard about bullying come from the Bronx. Its about how maybe 3 or 4 gangs have been finding and torturing LGBT* people in abandoned apartments and sometimes even beating them to death, just because of who they are. I find this really quite nauseous and revolting because these people are people like us and shouldn’t be treated in anyway that gives harm, just because they love someone of their own gender.  I don’t understand why people feel like this is bad that Gay people aren’t like us, because I quote from our own President Change happens because of you!” as well as “keep believing that change is possible.”  So wouldn’t that stand for social issues as well?
What I’ve learned about the experience from all these articles and facts is that a lot of what other people are saying can be deciphered to pretty much the same thing “It’s JUST NOT FAIR” or “Gay people can’t, and sometimes can be a BAD thing.”  But really (what I believe) is that people would honestly not even care about gayness if not for all the attention it grabbed about religion or how people could talk about just to use as a gossip wheel about their friends or neighbors or people they just happen to know. As for the taxes and economy people are just desperate and really want to know what is really happening.

*LGBT-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual ,Transsexual

 Anyway this is probably the worst article I’ve ever written, but thanks for reading anyway!

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