Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Response to "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

Mother to Son is an amazing poem that contains not only extremely well written detail , but great comparisons.
Even though I like this poem, I still have 1-2 questions about it. Like, when she (She being the Mother) says "Life for me ain't been no Crystal stair." I wonder why Langston Hughes because crystal seems even harder to climb the wood. It may-be pretty but that doesn't mean that it's easier to "climb".
 Also there's the part where she says "And sometimes goin' in the dark. Where there ain't been no light." Could this/that be translated to something like "And sometimes I'm not even sure what I'm doing, where in other ways other people have."
So to end my response to this poem; i translated it into my own words. HOPE YOU ENJOY AND THANKS FOR READING! -Raindrop
                                                                 Mother to Son translated by Me!
Well,son,I'll tell yo:
Life hasn't been easy
There's been things I'm unsure about
Family issues that weren't easy to live through
School problems 
And times I didn't know myself 
At all
But all the time
I've still been living 
Growing older and wiser learning to rule myself
And sometimes I'm not even sure what I'm doing 
In ways other people have 
so keep on chugging
Don't ever give up no matter how hard
Because even I'm still climbing
And I'm still learning
And life is never gonna be easy. 

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