Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SIRS Knowledge Source: Research Results

Gay Marriage- Big Deal or HUMONGOUS push over? SSIRS Knowledge Source: Search Results
The idea that gays should not be allowed to marry someone they love is preposterous. People, no matter what gender they love, should be able to marry one and other and be allowed to live their own lives.
What difference does it make in society anyway? Because even now they show their affection to one another in public, so why would it matter if they were married? Are people worried that our future generations will be completely gay? Because that is also ridiculous, HELLO PEOPLE HORMONES! We still have our good old fashion brain/reproductive system to help our species to continue "living" ;), so again if they get married and have kids SO WHAT?
Everyone can and should be entitled to their rights because otherwise it's just not fair; think about  what its like to stick out like a sore thumb when you go up after Mass (Church ,Temple, any religion {Meetings on a sacred day of the week}.) And, ask  the Priest if he'd be willing enough to marry you and your fiance who is by the way a guy! Imagine the churlish and stiff behavior he'd show! Its bad enough people make rude comments about them behind their backs and  show without humiliation the laggard behavior our government has  by not making this a more serious issue.
Being here and living in America i know we're less strict on Gay people but, living here sort of disgusts me...I mean history repeats itself over and over and over again with discrimination and segregation against an ethnicity or race or belief  and it just never stops! First Native Americans, then Black, then Immigrants, and now Gays; Will this madness ever stop?
I ask you now to think of you're views on gay and judge them fairly; Are we really  all that different?
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  1. First of all, I like how you have been exploring a variety of topics such as identity and gay rights, and how you explore these topics through literature, newspaper articles, and pop songs. Also, your responses are opinionated and interesting to read; you do a great job of expressing yourself! What to work on: incorporating facts and details from sources, and organizing your ideas in a clearer, smoother way.