Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah's Key chapters 1-13 By: Tatiana De Rosnay

I enjoy reading the book Sarah's Key because it really reminds me about where part of my nationalities  come from.
In this book there are two characters Julia Jarmood a(n) American journalist, and Sarah a young girl at the simple age of ten who lives in Paris at the time of 1942.
Here is some information about the two characters:
Sarah is a girl  who lives with her parents and little brother in France,Paris and one day is taken by the french police to the Nazis. But, before doing locks her little brother in a small cupboard called their "Secret Place" and vows to return to free him. The question is how?
Julia Jarmond is an American journalists who developed a fine taste for Paris at a young age and always dreamed about marrying a french man, and eventually did. (His name is Bertnard) She lives with her daughter Zoe and her materialistic husband.
The first part of the story is Julia Jarmond is assigned to study "Vel' d'Hiv'" (A famous Nazi related attack.) And Sarah a girl who lived in the moment of the attack come together into one big MUSH of one of Frances biggest humiliations. The background of this is linked here if you'd like to know more:'_d'Hiv_Roundup or
anyway Julia is so far leading a chase over french and going over her husbands distant past as well as lineage and being so haunted by it all that she might tear her family apart, just to get away from her nightmares. 
That's what Julia is up too as for Sarah well I'll just have to go read to find out!
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