Thursday, November 11, 2010


Social Awareness assignment #4

One day I sat down in the park with my notebook and just started drawing the things that I saw, a couple kissing on the park bench, joggers taking a short water break, and little kids jumping through the autumn leaves without a care in the world.
And then, I notice this one other couple in the park; they’re not being kissy or cuddly  like other couples just holding hands the two of them, man and man. I found this such a change because (I’m 10 in this story) I always read books where the man falls in love with the girl not the boy. Studying how they walked and moved throughout the meadow was very confusing, they looked as though they’d had no place they’d rather than with each other, but they walked stiffly and gingerly as though the ground would open up between them any second.
I now realize why this is so. People can be narrow minded and sometimes forget when their staring or glaring or whatever at other persons.
This couple that I had been observing was being watched by several parents with young children, their faces set in astonishment because (or I think because) they were astounded that the gay couple had the nerve to show their emotions in public, and that they were “confessing their attraction” by their children. (In the end they took their children and left, when the gay couple asked them to stop staring.)
There were also some guy joggers (who as you know are notorious for wearing those tight little suits when they jog.) who would NOT stop cracking gay jokes.  And it was just soooooooooo disrespectful I felt like I wanted to punch them; One man from the couple started blushing when his partner went up to the joggers and started … well I’ll say “speaking his mind” to the tight suited men. (By then my mom called and told me to come home.)  And after that the 1st man from the couple started saying “Come on Peter lets just go home.” But Peter was very caught up and did not notice when other people started asking them to leave the area. In the end they left, just walked away same as before except Peters hand was wrapped firmly around Guy#1’s waist.
I hope that we all wonder one day, “I wonder what would have happened if that were me,” or “I wonder what would happen if I was LGBT?”

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